Virginia limits how long cops can hang on to automated license plate reader data: 7 days


*unless we don’t want to delete it.


It’s a good thing government agents would never break the law.

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What’s going on with the LEOs hat in the picture?

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I think he’s got it pushed very far forward so the brim in back clears the top of the headrest.

But it has the look of a posed photo, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it :wink:


Is that supposed to look badass or what?

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Yes, and 5 out of 6 stereotypically ferocious drill sergeants agree!


I think it might be just to keep the sun out of his eyes. Based on the shadows, it appears that the sun is low and directly in front of him.

And it looks badass.

Says a lot about the attitude in law enforcement if you think it’s necessary to look like an intimidating badass drill sergeant.


Yeah, I agree that’s a pretty silly-looking way to wear a hat.
I think it must be some kind of “I dare you to laugh at this, so I can kick the shit out of you for it” intimidation thing.

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