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I’ll plug my own jam:
I write a newsletter called Happy Shiny People about divergent thinking and education.

I also read Ann Friedman’s, Cool Tools (thanks @frauenfelder), Austin Kleon’s, and one or two others. But I’m always game to check out some new ones.


I’ve been enjoying newsletters more than ever. This old-school form of communication has made a comeback, probably in response to the way Facebook controls the content you see. With a newsletter, there’s no middleman filtering out the content.

Well, sure - that’s why people in the 90s were eager to escape the CompuServe/Prodigy/GEnie walled-ghettos for the open internet and actually having their own websites. The optimist in me struggles to understand why so many people seek out such middlemen and re-create them in today’s “social media” companies.


As a journalist, I rely on Dave Pell’s excellent Next Draft daily newsletter to keep across current events each day. It’s a lifesaver, keeping me effectively and efficiently informed of everything I need to know in a very concise 10-point format each day:


I’ll second NextDraft; not only does he keep me informed, there’s a nice bit of self-deprecating humor scattered throughout. It’s well worth the time.

Rusty Blazenhof (former blogger at Laughing Squid and Pee Wee Herman’s site) has a great “inbox zine” called Rusty’s Electric Dreams. It’s a weekly art round up with cool themes. She also has an artist in residence for each issue as well as curated events for SF, NYC, and more.

I also dig Glitchet’s weekly zine. It mostly features glitch and digital art, but has a bunch of great news round ups too.

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