"Cursed" YouTube Video

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I dunno, these newer SCPs just aren’t grabbing me as much as the older ones had.


It sounds like whatever extracted the video didn’t do a good job figuring out the length and synchronizing the audio properly as a result. Nothing all that interesting here.

It’s true. It’s all true. I made the mistake of watching it. When the video froze at 1:04 I left it running in the background. Two minutes later the sound resumed. An old non-functional Geiger counter in the corner of my office started clicking wildly. All the fluorescent light tubes in the ceiling shattered seventeen seconds later. The door to my office slammed shut and now through the frosted glass I can see large, hunched shapes moving through the halls. I think I can hea


Don’t watch this video. It creates meltdowns. Even metal. I can already smell the fumes of…


So malfunctions are curses now? I guess lag is, what, ghosts or something? Ugh.

I used to like living in this dimension. Now I’m kinda “meh” about the whole thing. Time to look up how to FFprobe something.

Lag in the Shell.


I grabbed it with youtube-dl and used ffmepg to split the streams out. The video is fine, and is about a minute long, the audio is all chopped up and spread over 3 minutes.

You could fix it… but why bother?

Nothing but a hearty helping of creepypasta.

iving time differently. Does that even make sense? Maybe it has something to do with the messed-up time on the progre


ss bar, but when I watch this video I have the weirdest feeling that I’m perce


Cursed vídeos are so 1990…

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Augmented reality fanfiction!

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