Curtains Up, a short film on movies and meditation featuring David Lynch

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I’m cool with meditation, but Transcendental Meditation® has always seemed to me rather, umm, money oriented.

Has anyone here been to Fairfield, Iowa—HQ for TM®? It’s a trip. They’ve got two Golden Domes for Yogic flying (aka hopping while in lotus position) and a Tower of Invincibility (erected to celebrate the idea that if “1% of 1%”(not .01% for some reason) of a nation’s population practices TM®, it will become invincible. The town has some TM® splinter groups too, run by believers dissatisfied with the corporation that owns Transcendental Meditation®. Of course, they can’t call what they do TM®—they’ll get sued!

Unlike other hierarchical “scientific-spiritual” organizations built upon personality cults, which sell expensive self-help courses promising more than they can deliver (e.g. Scientology™), TM® at least doesn’t force its practitioners to cease all non-proselytizing interaction with non-practitioners. So, if you’ve got the money to spare, (like David Lynch and Stella McCartney and Jerry Seinfeld), by all means, take TM® courses until you at least learn to “fly”, then please come back here and give a full report.

I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to do this?

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Britain turned down the opportunity to have it funded by the taxpayer.

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“So I say, peace to all of you…except for when you are watching one of my films”


Heh, we had them too, from 1992 until 2004.

Their party political broadcasts seem to have vanished from YouTube, the only thing I found so far is a clip from a “let’s reminisce about the 1990ies” show that features them. Along with a couple of minor celebrities who aren’t young anymore, but still need the money.

the epidemic of toxic stress

Yeah, I’m for sure hearing that bit.

I’ve tried meditation, but seriously, finding time for it became just another stressor.

I do still try during some especially tough afternoons, though. But really, it’s closer to a catnap (if I’m lucky!).

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