"Actual insane internal Scientology mail" found


It’s a thing. A thing that, even when explained, makes no sense.

The Student Hat teaches how to study focusing primarily on the three barriers to study, lack of mass, skipped gradients and the misunderstood word.

Somehow I’m guessing their definition of ‘mass’ is different from mine.


In Ben’s defense, Pat’s husband is probably a bit o an asshat…


What does the sign-off ARC mean?

First Barrier: Absence of Mass | Study Technology | Applied Scholastics International
Do they actually use this stuff (Applied Scholastics) in public schools/etc?

Probably this.

[T]he ARC triangle, is a summary representation of the knowledge the Scientologist strives for.[108] It encompasses Affinity (affection, love or liking), Reality (consensual reality) and Communication (the exchange of ideas).

So, it basically means “I’m a gullible asshole who’ll believe any nonsense I’m fed”



Affinity, Reality, Communication

A right coit.

I sure as hell hope not! Since that site promotes its wares as “education materials and services based on the works of L Ron Hubbard” my guess is probably not except maaaaybe some schools in Utah Cali.

t’s just a simple study methodology. Do it in order (gradients), know all the words (many students don’t know very basic words missed in primary school), and then demonstrate the principle by modeling it with physical objects (mass). Lots of people have trouble dealing with abstracts, they yawn and attention wanders when you hit a word they don’t understand, and most things have an order to them - like learning to count before you try calculus.

In opposition to the above, Scientology has its own freaky little language. ‘Hat’ means, ‘putting on your’ philosopher’s hat/policeman’s hat,/dunce cap, whatever - assuming a role. Student Hat teaches you how to be a student. It must work, or something - I can’t believe I even remember all that stuff…?

Zero idea what the note was about otherwise…


One of my college buddies lived in a shared house where a Scientologist once lived.

To Gary’s great delight – he loves weird cults and oddball fringe stuff – a Scientology newsletter arrived one day.

It was a slick magazine, maybe sixteen pages. What was really odd about it was its mundanity. It looked and read a lot like a house-organ magazine for one of those pyramid marketing companies, like Mary Kay or Am-Way. There were stock picture images of happy people, and graphics that looked just like things you’d get from a publishing software’s set of canned images.

The cover story was a feature about a new resort / training center in Florida. I recall there was something about the Hollywood Celebrity Center too, with lists of good deeds they were doing to massage the drug crystals out of addicts.

Freaky stuff:

A little book catalog. These were off-the-wall stuff you would never find in a bookstore. The cover images were weird. One showed a guy in a bunny suit sitting on a stage. The descriptions hinted at the whole Xenu thing. (“Learn the cold hard facts about the last four trillion years of history!”)

An advertisement for THE WALL OF FIRE, a newly discovered goal or level that you could conquor after you’d gotten clear and were Operating Thetan.

A message to lapsed Scientologists, inviting them to come back to the fold. You could get your previous levels and achievements. All you had to do was pay back dues and write a letter of confession describing your crimes to the local Ethics Officer.


Only thing that would make this better: being dated November 31. That’s some OT XV shit right there.


Nah - that’s poorly-written. It’s simple - if I dislike you and think you’re out there, we probably aren’t going to communicate too well, either. If I do like you, and we agree that north is north, then we can probably communicate about directions reasonably well. Doesn’t mean we’ll agree - just that we are on the same planet and can talk. If I like you massively and we agree deeply about our joint reality, but we don’t communicate? It’s probably going to be meaningless. Takes all three, the better they get, the better they get.

Example: Tom Cruise annoys me, and I think giving megabucks to the Church of Scientology is whacked, pretty unlikely he and I’ll be hanging out any time soon, unlikely to converse even if we did.

I like that you’re trying to help but just so you know I save a special level of derision for the scientologists and further explanation of their kooky ideas won’t help. These concepts are able to be explained without wrapping them in specialised cult language. When they stop fucking families and people’s lives for personal profit and power then I might downgrade the vitriol they receive to the level of proper religion.


That sounds a lot like the emails I get, asking me to come back to EVE Online.



“Loaded Language is a term coined by Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, a psychiatrist who did extensive studies on the thought reform techniques used by the communists on Chinese prisoners. Of all the cults in existence today, Scientology has one of the most complex systems of loaded language. If an outsider were to hear two Scientologists conversing, they probably wouldn’t be able to understand what was being said. Loaded language is words or catch phrases that short-circuits a person’s ability to think. For instance, all information that is opposed to Scientology, such as what I am writing here, is labelled by Scientologists as “entheta” (enturbulated theta - “enturbulated” meaning chaotic, confused and “theta” being the Scientology term for spirit). Thus, if a Scientologist is confronted with some information that opposes Scientology, the word “entheta” immediately comes into his mind and he/she will not examine the information and think critically about it because the word “entheta” has short-circuited the person’s ability to do so. This is just one example, of many, many Scientology terms.”


I had Scientologist roommates for a couple of years. I didn’t get into religious discussion with them very often, but the thing that struck me the most was the sheer volume of mail they received from the church. Not a weekday or Saturday passed but our mailbox got stuffed with circulars, glossy magazines, and thickish envelopes like you might expect to get from the Auto Club when your card is renewed. Fully half of our junk mail volume came from the church.

Seems like the church could be at least 18% more profitable if they’d dial back their postage bill… maybe weekly mailings at most. But what do I know? No doubt they know how best to fleece their flock.


I once lived in a shared house with several people involved in “The Forum”, which is what they called est. I got the impression it was basically Scientology Lite. A few times, one or the other would trot out some banal observation like it was a profound insight, and I noticed they were using some odd terminology to describe familiar emotional states and psychological concepts. One of them interrupted another, one time, and said, “You’re using Lingo. Remember, you’re never supposed to use Lingo around the uninitiated unless you’re a trainer.”. It was one of those occasions when you could somehow hear the capital letters in use.


Fucking families and people’s lives for personal profit and power is a prerequisite for proper religions.