WATCH: alleged top Scientologists heaping abuse on apostate



It must be embarrassing to have been associated with such an organization.

I hope whoever was filming knows to tell themselves that billions of people have been fooled by every religion out there since the first time some asshole stood up & proclaimed they could communicate directly with whatever people first worshipped, probably the Sun.


Gee I can’t imagine why someone would leave such an organization.


“you’re nothing, nobody knows you’re even gone man.”

Well… Why don’t you prove it and fuck right off. You keep telling him to get a life, but you’re the ones required by your doctrine to waste all this time accosting this guy.

Christ what a bunch of brainwashed assholes.

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I didn’t even understand the part of their abuse that you quoted

I mean, translated from asshole it comes out as pretty nonsensical

“all the people you don’t want to associate with anymore don’t even like you, or even remember you”

I mean, I’d call that an ideal outcome, not a disparagement.


This video is clearly fake.

Some individual found some footage online that a middle school student posted of a bunch of petty, elitist children harassing and mocking the student and then the individual hired a bunch of adult actors to reenact the footage in LAX.

At least, that would have to be the case because mature adults wouldn’t really act like this, right?


Check out one of their most recent Tweets. It’s an anti-bullying screed. These people have some AMAZING gall.


Bullying and overwhelming retaliation against perceived sleights is built-in to Scientology. In fact it’s an intentional feature of numerous religions.

It’s also another example of religion desperately trying to have their cake and eat it too. They may say they’re against bullying, but only when it’s in their own favor. The official CoS doctrine is to harass apostates and to go to war against those who cast it in a negative light in any way they can manage. Sounds pretty familiar. The Old Testament is full of genocide and religiously motivated violence. The Koran says that all apostates and non-believers are worthy of death. And saying the Bible or the Koran endorse violence against innocent people will get you in trouble in polite company. What a shame.


This doesn’t pass the smell test, tho it sounds like they the got the lingo right. Seems weird that they all are catching / arriving flights in the terminal - odds of that happening given the population size of (ex)Scientologists?

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It’s shaming. They’re trying to rely on the brainwashing inherent in their system. If you can convince someone that their social group has been culled down to the size of their church, it’s easy for the church to pressure them into making it true by severing their connections to their family and friends. Then all the church (cult really) have to do is threaten to force that person out on their own. And what’s worse is that the CoS has the doctrinal policy of “disconnection” and “fair game” where the cult actively works to make apostates’ lives hell even long after they’ve decided to leave the cult.


Three people, likely traveling together, bumping into a former associate in L.A.'s biggest transit terminal? Happens every day.

Edit: After reading the story at @wilberfan’s link below I’m changing my bet to “not staged but also not a chance encounter.” This group has apparently harassed the subject before.


Much more on the story from Tony Ortega:


Excellent link!

Worth way more than a mere “heart.”

I am already inclined to suspect the worst of Scientology, so every properly documented instance of abusive behavior counts double.


You’d harass people too if your alien overlord was so demanding! Doesn’t anyone understand that getting to their level is very very very expensive?


Who gains the benefit if it is a fake?

Serious question.

Does some bad actor want to discredit the honest, upstanding, totally legit Scientologists?

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Over at the blog post, there’s some speculation that the CoS was trying to bait the victim into decking one of the assailants so they could have a shot at discrediting anything unfavorable he says about the CoS. Y’know, that he’s a violent monster and that these people were trying to invite him back into the fold. Video proof, with careful editing and choice word slicing.

ETA, I’m not saying this is what happened. Just reporting on the rumor. And from the CoS’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was what they wanted to do.


Christ, what assholes.

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Christ Xenu, what assholes. (FIFY)


Operating Thetan assholes!


Aren’t most bad actors fully paid up members?