Bavarian intelligence agency says Scientologists secretly took over one of the world's top art galleries

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I’d say the gallery should be audited, but it sounds like the employees get audited regularly.


This sounds like a move from Steve Jackson’s “Illuminati” game.


“I’m going to use the Scientology to attack to control the Art Museums.”

“Ooh, you just missed your roll by one. Too bad!”


Now picture the same story, but instead of Scientologists, it’s fascists, and instead of some art gallery in Munich it’s the White House…


After all these years, you’d think there would have been some tip-off at the gallery before now.


Shhh! The Alex Jones set thinks that it’s real (and not a game making fun of people like them).


what if the man used Scientology-based management techniques for the job?

Erm. Is it just me, or does anyone else also have the impression that most “management techniques” fees in any case like a mild form of brainwashing? So, how to tell the difference?

SCNR. Obviously my fault, never worked in HR myself.

Edit: the day when we get a true laical state in Germany, I will visit the next church to light a candle in thanks for my prayers have been heard. Until then, I hope that any cult trying to infiltrate any public institution in any way will be under close scrutiny. While in Bavaria, let’s start with the CSU…



"The German government does not recognize Scientology as a religion; rather, it views it as an abusive business masquerading as a religion and believes that it pursues political goals that conflict with the values enshrined in the German constitution."


illegally discriminated against non-Scientologists when hiring

Seems legit.


_____ have taken over the _____

Scientologists, Fascists, Government, Art galleries.

There is no combination that sounds good there.

OK, having the art galleries take over government sounds like it might be interesting for a while.


This is sort of how they operate. Take control or establish groups that are totally not Scientologist, you guys! Then keep saying to the customers/members/patients “Hey have you heard about this Scientology thing?”

That’s the whole thing with Narconon and Alconon. Here we are being trendier AA! Are you adicted to drugs!? We can help!?

Oh by the way. Psychology and modern medicine are evil and don’t understand you! Only we can help!

BTW have you heard about this Scientology thing?


Maybe I’m too dogmatic in how I approach the subject but while I abhor the practices of Scientology, as I understand them, I feel about the same towards most established theologies.

If you go just by numbers Islam, as it is exercised in Africa and the Arabian peninsula and some areas of SE Asia is WAY fucking worse.

Catholicism is fucked up all over the place.

Protestantism has a bunch of sects that do worse shit than Scientology.

And the list just goes on. So I don’t usually go in too hard on Scientology because strictly speaking their negative influence isn’t on par with the rest of theology.


Right, because all abusive groups should get a free pass if they haven’t had a Spanish Inquisition, jihad or Jonestown’ed themselves yet.

The shocking case of Scientology mistreatment of the mentally ill you haven’t heard February 2, 2015, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker


Shhh! Mycroft doesn’t realize Illuminati is real.


Let me sure assure you: it is not “interesting”.

It’s fucking frightening.


Where are the art galleries running the government?

I said:

Just to make it explicit:
‘Scientologists have taken over the art galleries’ does not sound good. It sounds terrible.


I understand where you are coming from, but this particular cult is modern made up nonsense hurting people to get control over them and make profit (as opposed to culturally deep-rooted made up nonsense which, all problems aside, has had its part in us getting to be what we are, as a society).


I was referring to the fact that the Haus der Kunst was the actual proof how fucking terrible it is to have a government use art as a weapon.

The very building itself is a monument of this spirit.

There is an interesting current discussion in Germany about the restoration of its facade, and the felling of the trees in front of it. Some would rather have it stay hidden not to be reminded that Munich called itself “Hauptstadt der Bewegung”.

(Just to spell it out also for the cursory scroller, my intention was not to attack your stance - rather to enforce it.)


I think its useful to distinguish between Scientology the religion and the Church of Scientology. The religion is whatever the adherents make of it, just like any religion. The Church of Scientology (CoS) is an organization that uses the religion as cover to do a lot of bad stuff. There are scientologists that are not part of the CoS - mostly former members of the CoS that still practice the religion on their own or in groups.