Cussin' maps


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Looks like a c-word outbreak at the Hatfield-McCoy line.


It just doesn’t make any fucking sense to me…


Where’s the “dagnabbit” map?


He was originally planning to do Australia, but it just looked boring. The entire country was just solid orange for every curse he could think of.


My otherwise proper, Mississippi-born grandmother loved the word shit. She loved it so much she had a gold charm necklace that said Shit. That map was completely unsurprising to me.

What did surprise me is that, as a lover of the word motherfucker, I would fit in in Texas. o_O


I had a neighbor who was a grizzled old Canadian heavy machinery operator, and he used “dadgum” which I always associate with “dagnabbit”, but I’m not really sure why. Now, I want to pour out a little coffee for Howard, with whom I shared many coffees, and who has left us. Sigh. I miss that dadgum guy.


I thought Chicago was a shithole, but it turns out Appalachia’s got it beat.


Maybe the dagblaggit thing is over yonder.

(Thanks to MST3K.)


Of course, this map ends at the Canadian border. We Canadians are insufferably polite, and never swear at all. Just ask Cory.


I now know what word to use to pass as a local the next time I visit California.


where’s “dad gummit”?


I am also especially fond of goldurnit!


Huh. What is it about coastal life that makes people drop so many f-bombs?


I call bullshit on these maps. I learned the word fuck in Minnesota.


Well you have sharks, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, loads of insufferable vacationers…


And don’t forget consarnit!


It’s not quite whether the word is used, but in comparison to whether the word is used more in that place than in another illustrated using a GI z-score to show deviations from a random result. So, perhaps you were head of the curve in Minnesota, which has an average level of use of the word fuck. My Northeast upbringing was in a region that was 2.5 standard deviations above the mean use of the word fuck (in the tweets that were collected by this team from October of 2013 to November of 2014.


I guess these maps are redacted, as they might giveaway the location of Yosemite Sam’s house…

rassin’ frassin’…


ricka fricka sicka