Cut the cord without sacrificing anything but the ads

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Dumb question. Cord cutting sounds great… except aren’t you still getting your internet from the same guy the cord comes from?


except you are not getting all those channels… we have been through this one before. this is just an app that curates free stuff on the internet for you for a fee! so you know if you have trouble keeping track of it all sure this isn’t too bad but otherwise you get access to stuff you already have access to if you have internet. whee.
you can’t get anything like HBO GO, etc unless you pay them for streaming access.


Not necessarily. I know rhat America is a third world country when it comes to choice of internet providers, but there are places in the US where you have a choice. And in more civilized lands (like here in Toronto) you have an embarassment of choices.

Also, unlimited internet, while grossly overpriced, is not anywhere nearly as expensive as cable TV.

Nice. Another Boingvertisement masquerading as a story.

They have to keep the lights on somehow. Your love only gets them so far.


Nope. Mine is from the people polluting the air with RF.

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