Cut cable and watch virtually limitless TV and movies with SelectTV

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[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:84364”]The Huffington Post[/quote]Strangely enough,“selecttv”+huffington turns up less than 700 hits, and most of them seem to be repeats of this StackSocial blurb. Hmm.


You can narrow it down to 10 with

None of which seem to be a “feature” article.

ETA: ditto, only four results and no features for USA Today:

Tritto, only three results, no features for Forbes.



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So pretty much stuff you could find yourself on other services, for free?


Any way to actually see the catalog of shows/movies available? and whatever the “upcharge” is for specific movies/shows? Otherwise no thanks I’m not paying 19 bucks for access to public domain movies or the chance to pay more for other videos. The fact that they don’t let you know what’s offered means it’s probably almost all crap.


Don’t waste your money. SelecTV is just an indexing service that lists stuff online. They have zero content that you can’t find yourself, without sending them a subscription fee. This is from FreeCast, the same folks who brought you Rabbit TV. If you 're reading BoingBoing, you are probably savvy enough to find all their content on your own.


I was interested in this, right up until I saw it’s featured in the BoingBoing store. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with BB store items, despite my otherwise all-encompassing BB love.

To make the BB Store good, please:

  • provide customers a secure way to rate items, so buyers can see a rating they can trust
  • provide a forum in which customers can make comments on the item, with BB editors having no way to delete comments (hiding is fine, if I can opt-in to seeing them)
  • or just actually really curate the stuff there, and only post things you personally know are good

I realize that’s work, but right now you’re squandering the massive value the BB brand has :frowning:


I prefer OnTV.


We aren’t deleting reviews or product comments.


No way! Preview!

(The one I remembered started with Welles saying, “I hate waiting…”)


Fogey (the “old” just seems redundant redundant) here:

If my wife and I could just get Turner Classics
Comedy Central
Adult Swim
one ESPN channel, hopefully the one that shows baseball games

And ONLY those 5 channels? We’d gladly pay $19/mo. Hell: $29/mo. Even $39/mo

But I have stopped holding breath for true Ala Carte TV, as was promised/pending around 1988?

Oy vey ist mir!


Thanks, I didn’t mean to imply that you were. However, the last time I checked, adding comments on a product is disabled after a couple of weeks, which is about the time I’m breaking it :frowning:

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It’s the re-branded RabbitTV

So just to be clear here: A Rabbit TV subscription doesn’t give you access to anything you can’t already get for free on the Internet. It just aims to make finding what you want to watch easier. And now, it will even fold in movies and TV shows from Netflix and Hulu plus, if you have a subscription.

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You can create a linked-thread, but that’s not so easy, if even possible, on a closed topic.
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@codinghorror - use case!


You might want to look into Sling. I’ve been meaning to try it for over a year. Think I’m going to finally try it this month.

HBOGo is a nice a-la-carte option, $15 for one month lets me catch up on Game of Thrones, watch a few movies, and then shut it down.


Select TV is a horrible spammy bait and switch mess. Boing Boing should be ashamed for plugging it. If it was a good service that actually worked it wouldn’t be half off.


Isn’t it?

  1. Click the link icon on a post
  2. Click New Topic

I remember that my Great Grandpa was always in the den soldering together On boxes and selling them throughout the neighborhood for $100 a pop.


Doh. Thanks!


I had OnTV back in the 80s. I lived in the only major city in the US that still hadn’t been wired for cable. To fill the gap, 3 UHF stations sprang up, showing scrambled movies in the evenings. The city council felt they had the last apple in the basket, and forced the companies competing to wire the city to offer the sun and the moon. This backfired, though. Warner won, with the promise of the (then) super high tech Qube system, which was supposed to offer 2-way communication to let you do things like buy things with your cable remote (which was actually tethered by a thick wire to the cable box, and was the size of textbook). The system proved too expensive to fully implement, so Warner eventually bailed, another company took over, they eventually bailed, etc. We’re now back under (Time) Warner again.

The 3 UHF stations created to show scrambled movies still exist. One of them is the current CW station.