This TV streaming service offers more than Hulu and Netflix for just $24

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Trying to figure out what this service has to offer in my country (Costa Rica) is not easy. It may offer more hours content, but if the content is crappy, who cares?


200,000 movies, to be exact

Exactly 200,000 movies? Interesting


90% of which are probably public domain and on youtube already.

anyone got reviews of this offering outside of the stack social store?

ETA: soooo looking online
It’s an aggregator but apparently a well done one so you are paying for them to organize the content not really to deliver it.
Dollars to donuts a lot of those movies are extra $$$ on top of the subscription fee.

but you know for $3/month normally so $24 for a year probably isn’t so bad a deal if that is the kind of thing you would use.


It’s a giant TV guide. The ad copy is frankly deceptive, not making this clear. What’s next for the Boing Boing shop, off brand erectile dysfunction pills?


Here’s the thread from the last time this service was advertised for reference:


bb wanted to increase revenues without increasing costs. So they joined the stacksocial affiliate program, and are now just rebroadcasting a never-ending stream of shit. If there’s any sort of editorial involvement on bb’s part, I’ll be astonished.

@jlw has pulled posts from them and fiddled with the titles too so they do pay attention sometimes.

These ones could probably go as it really isn’t much more than a fancy internet tv guide service though from what I have read they do a good job of cataloging it for the lazy folk but I figure all us mutants have found sources for what we want to watch already.

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Oh…cool. The picture on BB show all these channels. History, AMC A&E, BETV, Comedy Central, Sci FI discovery, Bravo, Spike…etc…etc.

That’s a lie for 24 dollars for one year…ONE YEAR. Yeah…right. Boing Boing, Don’t tell Lies.

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Under the ‘Specs’ tab, it has

200,000+ movies (10,000 free)

so…10,000 movies plus a list of pay-per-view movies? >95% pay per view?

Going to the SelectTV site, I also see

Enjoy watching 100+ live local channels in vivid HD & digital signals with your FREE HD TV Antenna

There are nowhere near 100 local channels here. Presumably they mean there are over 100 local channels in the world as whole, and if you happen to be in the right place you could receive one or more of them.

So for $24, I can get a list of 190,000 movies that I can’t watch and 100+ local channels that I can’t watch? What a deal.


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