Get a 2-year subscription to this streaming library and an HDTV antenna for less than $40

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Unless something has changed that ad copy looks to be deliberately misleading. Last I read SelectTV is strictly an aggregator of content already on the net: subscribing grants you exactly nothing because all the free content is already available free and none of the paid content is included with the subscription to SelectTV.

Apparently, your subscription to SelectTV only gets you access an aggregation index to find content on the web and nothing more; however, that could be worth $20 a year to some people. So they should just say what SelectTV actually is rather than being deceptive.

SelectTV doesn’t have content of its own – instead, it aggregates content from a bunch of other free services. As you might expect, SelectTV draws a lot from network channel websites that make a couple new episodes of each show available at a time. The result is a very large catalog of titles, but a relatively meager selection of episodes. You’ll find a lot of shows you want to watch, but you won’t be able to binge watch too many of them.


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I think I’ll just wait for the fake Damascus version of Select TV.

Is there a BB RSS link that doesn’t include the BBshop listings?

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