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That dog leaves some big poop, have fun. That reminds me, time to take Whiskey for a walk…


That sounds like a euphemism. I’m sure it isn’t, but it really needs to be a slogan on a mug or something.

Big dog is so plush and fluffy.


Whiskey is the name of my German Shorthaired Pointer doggy.


I still think it would be a great slogan on a mug. Especially a mug you take to work.


Cute until just before last segment maybe. That last segment is more like “Honey, where’s the baby?”



I bequeath it to you, go forth and multiply.



Barycenter of rotation is now within doggo.

Who is twirling whom now?


The animated version of this would end with the dog and girl swapping places for the final spin. Even though this was not animated I was hoping they found a way.


I felt cheated that it ended so soon. One last spin would have really taken it up a notch. Perhaps ceiling height was a limitation?


In Soviet Russia, dog spins you!


I give this 23 stars.


It is a shame that the cut wasn’t made then the dog was hidden by the owner doing her twirl. In other news: Holy Moley, that’s a feckin’ huge pooch!

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