Great Pyrenees puppies playing


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Just got my German Shorthaired Pointer pup, I named her Whiskey, yes I did.


I have a pet bed for you!

Unless your Whiskey is straight up of course! Cheers!


That’s funny, Thanks…



Dogs still don’t suck.


I found and scanned the first ever picture taken of my and my first-ever dog, taken in the vet’s office the day after I picked her up at the shelter. (2004)

Things were better after I got some sleep.


Nice pup. Here’s one on my little rascal.


He looks like he’s going to be a handful for a little while.


It just occurred to me that your avatar is actually you and not John Oliver.

sigh I needed to look at it closely.


That’s funny, that’s what she says about me.


I like dogs, but I just don’t want to own one. I’ll just continue to let my cat Ruby fetch paper wads in the meantime.



Beautiful pooch! Mine is much smaller, weighing in at about seven pounds. She’s an older girl that we found on PetFinder a few years ago.


the first 12 seconds of this video (the whole thing, really, but especially the first 12 seconds) depict what is known, technically, as “the opposite of a problem”



Keep him exercised and socialized.

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