Cute little gecko butt-dials random people a ‘bazillion’ times from Hawaii seal hospital


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Y’know, as people often do.


i created a topic on this very series of tweets three days ago.


@xeni Your title makes me want to flog for Helen Zaltzman’s episode of The Allusonist where she dives into ‘indefinite hyperbolic numerals’.



Following a story on twitter is like a chore that doesn’t ever pay off.


Quick note: the Marine Mammal Center is not in Hawaii, but in Sausalito, just N of San Francisco. Not sure if they take care of Hawaiian monk seals, that would be an unlikely import. Wonder if they know anything about a couple of humpback whales named George and Gracie?


Meanwhile, how many people switched to Geico?





They operate a facility, Ke Kai Ola, in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii Island.


So this would be a true random number generator, right?


Ah, that didn’t come up in a quick check of their website. To be fair, a gecko in Sausalito would probably be looking for something warmer than a cell phone to park its scaly little butt on.


I think it would be looking for a cheap fare back home. Spirit flies to Hawaii from Oakland, but I think even a gecko would find their seats too small.


Either they dropped that flight, or it’s so new it’s not on their fare finder yet. We’re still waiting for Southwest to group their poop and start flying to Hawaii.

That’s what it was doing – trying to access the airwatchdog app and find a cheap flight.


Not with such a specific, limited input set (the recent call list) ^^’. Chaotic, certainly, but hardly random.


You’re right, I was thinking of Allegiant, and they don’t fly here anymore. Thank goodness.


This is Phelsuma laticauda; they’re not native to Hawaii, and are regarded as an injurious wildlife species.



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