Watch these adorable rescued sea lions get released back into the wild


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My “cuteness meter” exploded.


If you are into marine mammals and especially pinnipeds, please don’t forget the Marine Mammal Care Center of Los Angles. It’s just up PCH from the PCC in San Pedro. My wife is a volunteer there, and I have helped out with a few events.

They also post many of their releases on social media, so be sure to follow them. Better yet, if you are in the LA area, they are always looking for donations of supplies and cash to help with their catch and release programs.


Sea lion #1: “Ooh, the beach. This is nice.”

Sea lion #2: “Wait, isn’t the beach usually adjacent to the…”



I’ve been lucky enough to attend one of these releases at the Marine Mammal Center (based in Marin - the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is in SoCal) and it’s seriously just one of the best things I’ve ever seen. You can visit the center and see some of the animals as they’re recuperating, and the staff can chat with you about how they feed the animals (fish shakes!), what injuries are most typical, and so on. It’s a lovely experience.


They’re the corgis of the ocean!




The BFF kiss right before diving into the water is just the best.

These guys and the Sausalito/Marin Marine Mammal Center do amazing work and are excellent charities to donate to.


Hey, the post is about sea lions…

edit: But yes, that’s a pretty cool story/video.


Reminded of this song from Dr. Doolittle.

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