Seal slept in driveway, car wash


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He isn’t leaving till he’s POLITELY MADE HIS POINT, dammit!


Seals rule. The marine mammal center, in Marin, needs volunteers. I’m on a cleaning and feeding crew, it is tons of work but an amazing good time. Also, great people.


That seal is nailing the audition for amiable and happy-go-lucky town drunk.


I think he’s looking for this guy:


There are actually two seals roaming on land in different cities at opposite ends of the North Island.


Are those actually seals or New Zealand Sea Lions?


go home seal, you’re drunk.



Actually, since it’s standing up on flippers like that, and has external ears to better help overhear conversations, that does look like a sea lion, not a seal.


Reminds me of my college days…


Make me coffee. THEN I go home.


We had a sea lion come up out of the creek and hang out in the middle of the intersection outside my house. It wasn’t bothering anyone but I was worried it might get hit by a truck. It’s illegal to bother marine mammals here though — I think you’re allowed to spray them with a hose but then you gotta coil the hose up afterwards only for the next person to use it to have no concept of neatly coiling and then there’s knotted hose spaghetti all over the place because nobody around here pays any fucking attention to what they’re doing ever. It’s like living with giant toddlers, I swear.


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