Cute little green grape has a red raspberry beard


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“Durkon? You dyed your beard!”


I wonder if he knows Marcell the Shell?


Where’s @shaddack? Can’t you make grapes glow by passing electricity through them?


You can make anything glow if you pass enough current through it.

You can also make it explode if you push through enough energy in short enough time, typically from a high voltage capacitor bank. Example with an apple:

Edit: If it is bigger, it is better. Watermelon!


Here it is… Ya, have to nuke the buggers:


Nuke 'em 'til they glow, then eat them in the dark!


Just look at … wait. I am confused. This is not a banana?


aha, this is how applesauce is made! the more you know…


They missed a great opportunity to make the little guy a hat out of a banana end. Then we could just look at it.

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