Sticking a knife in a toaster


It’s even more mesmerizing with the sound on. These vine clips must really trigger my sample/loop-based brain circuits.

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I’m trying to decide if those blinds were originally that color or if they started out white and turned that greyish color after after a series of explosions in the kitchen. You just know this isn’t their first foray into ill-advised adventures.

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Not to be that guy, but “FAAAAAAKE”. I’ve done this a few times, usually by accident (when I was young, I thought nothing of using a butter-knife to fish out a stubborn bagel). It hurts, but doesn’t explode.


Yeah um toasters don’t explode.

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All I wanted was my English muffin back.
Is that so wrong?


Gott say, something fishy. Who is holding a phone that impossibly steady while something explodes.

You got knocked the fuck out!

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It’s the scale of the explosion that suggests it’s fake. Shorting out 110V AC with steel objects (which I have done several times) does cause some unpleasant small-scale popping as the steel is vaporized, and I could imagine that with some additional points of contact or other aggravating circumstances you could see something bigger… but not like this. If nothing else the circuit breakers would cut you off before the mains could dump this much energy. Maybe if you had some really big capacitors in line there somewhere?
Also, seeing him do this without goggles makes me cringe. Even if it was F/x there’s no reason he shouldn’t be wearing some eye protection.


Any fool can see it is an Acme model XX-100 exploding toaster. The 200 would have been a better choice, IMO, though you really need full face shield.


That’s because it’s originally a Youtube video.

I’d call ‘Fake’ too, but I’ve no idea the current construction of toasters. A capacitor might go 'splodey like that…

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For some reason I thought these blokes were in the UK – where the “mains” are 220V. (After a quick search: it turns out almost everywhere except North America uses >>110V.)

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Their accent is urban middle class Australian or New Zealander. Most likely Australian, as a couple of them look like they are of Mediterranean descent. So the mains voltage is 230v.

Why the hell would a toaster need a capacitor?

don’t you know? toasters toast toast by sending 200,000v through the bread, needs quite a few caps to get that voltage.


Apparently there is a cap in modern toasters in series with a variable resistor; once it’s charged up it releases the electromagnet holding the sprung bread… shelf… thing down. Older toasters used a simple bi-metal strip which bent with heat. Still, it’s a pretty small cap.

But now I’m pondering high-voltage insta-toasters…

xcept gas toasters


Not that this would happen with a toaster, but an electrician said that when messing about with residential breaker boxes it’s important to cut the power because this sort of accident would result in a flash burn to the retina resulting in irreversible loss of vision.

Well, that explains it then. The XX-100s always were a bit twitchy. That could never happen now with our behavioral inhibitors.

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Obviously a rigged toaster. The worst that should happen, is a few sparks and a blown fuse. That’s what fuses are for.