Cute octopus flier on post


It’s cute, but I want to see that flier regenerate the lost arms. And as I recall according to a book I read as a kid called Octopus Lives In The Ocean by William and Peggy Stephens when a male octopus loses an arm it may regenerate in a different form for delivering sperm.

When I was seven or eight I explained all this to my grandfather who was duly impressed by my knowledge of cephalopod sex.


I want to go buy a tentacle from the local fish market and nail it to that sign.


The back of each leg should have “AAAAGH! MY LEG…You bastard!” written on it


What? I just saw a different one of these the other day, and look, here’s ANOTHER version . . . . . . and ANOTHER version . . .

I think they should all get together and have a >8-leg leg wrestling match to see who was first.


But if you look carefully this one is an octopust. So it’s different than the other versions.


Wow. I saw one of those on campus in Lexington, Kentucky…three months ago? Something like that.

Apparently it’s getting around.

Now that it’s appeared here we’ll be seein’ 'em everywhere. I guess those wouldn’t be copycats but coptopuses.

…with the word NO.

+1 for correct use of “fewer” vs. “less” :wink:

so wait, you added a leg?!?

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