Cute single-panel comic about relationships

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many of them are far too true for my own relationship.

I get a distinct feeling that I don’t understand what many people mean when they discuss “relationships”. Literally everything is in relationship to everything else! You can be said to exist in some relationship to everybody else, everybody who ever has or ever will exist. Not unlike “proportion”, this is entirely universal in nature, and can be considered implicit in most any accounts.





I’ve seen his stuff before. He’s pretty good!

Yep. This cartoon is obviously about statistical correlation and dependence.


All relationships are mediated by forces.

The four fundamental forces of the Universe are:
The weak force
The electromagnetic force
The strong [nuclear] force

Each of these has a counterpart in human life:
Stupidity (causes everything to clump)*

For clarification, “relationships” here only applies to the last two. I hope this resolves your problem.

*Like gravity, stupidity affects everything.


this is why we can’t have nice things.

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What’s crazy to me is that his drawings seem to be accurate representations of himself and his wife.

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Well. . . that IS how it works, isn’t it?

And it’s a comic– to make it perfectly even handed would remove most of the humor.

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Ya know, I expressed very similar ideas to one of my students. Because he was a second language learner and I was trying to teach him some of the different ways the word “relationship” can be used.

I think everybody here’s got a pretty good handle on English though.

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The point wasn’t that the English language is peculiar (although I think it is), so much as that what many consider “interpersonal” is subjective and vaguely fanciful. It might come off as annoyingly post-structuralist to say so, but it seems to me that being attached to a notion of intersubjectivity is fickle and contrary to most possible kinds of formal social activity. YMMV

In my Interpersonal Relationships class, the first thing we learned is that one has relationship with everybody one encounters, and that said relationships will all end at some point, some sooner than others. So, yeah - it’s a question of how deep the relationship is, and what it’s based on, as well as who it’s with.

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I’m saying he’s always the victim/observer, and it would be cute if she did a series where she’s the victim/observer, and then they both mix it up and make themselves the person doing something silly or mildly inconsiderate. Plenty of comics have occasionally self-deprecating protagonists.


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