Radio Wire: webcomic about a disintegrating relationship


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Nice style.

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Beautiful misery!

It’s not so beautiful when you’re in a relationship like that. I recognise so much from this comic. Still, it was a long time ago and I’m trying to give up being a whiny little bitch (and not succeeding apparently!)

I’m going to be glued to this webcomic by equal parts empathy and schadenfreude. Props to the author.


Yup. It was spot on. All I kept thinking through the entire thing was “Jesus, both of you, GET OUT OF THIS”.

The one thing I’ve learned in my 30+ years of experience in romantic relationships:
“You can’t know a month in if it’s going to be a great relationship (speaking long term) but you KNOW within that time if it’s going to be a bad one.”

Spare yourself the agony and just get out as soon as you know this. Don’t delude yourself and think it’s suddenly going to turn into kittens and rainbows at some point. It never gets better, only worse. I’ve never had an experience where something great suddenly turns on a dime and goes bad. If it’s going to be bad, the signs are there early on. Don’t ignore them.

It took too long for me to realize that there’s nothing wrong with being alone. It never lasts forever. And being alone for the right reasons is MUCH better than being with the wrong person for the wrong ones. (To paraphrase Amanda Jones). :wink:


“Beautiful” was more a reference to the graphic design style, and misery to their situation. I don’t know why someone would stay in such a relationship with so many signs of incompatibility, but people have different motivations. I dread reading more but can’t wait to see it!

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People do curious things in romantic relationships. This woman seems horrible, but instead of telling her to get lost, he has an affair? An interesting way to tell a story though, I will be tuning in.

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