XKCD's "Frequency" - using blinking GIFs to visualize the relative frequency of the momentous and trivial




Excellent. Now we don’t have to ask Kenneth anymore.


Why did you post a flashing pain-image to the blog?


Anybody know what the “note on today’s XKCD” that’s in Randal’s RSS feed actually says? I looked at the comic yesterday before said “note” was posted… Oh, never mind, I figured out how to get it, it says

[quote]Note on today’s xkcd
Monday, February 17, 2014 12:00 AM
Sorry, due to the unusual nature of today’s comic, you may just have seen a static image in your feed reader, but you can check out the full comic here!


would be 10x better if it said: “a dog bites someone in the ass”


I want to know who’s the pervert who’s buying ten vibrators a minute? Also, her phone number, though I expect she’ll be too busy to answer.


I called her. She was busy, but she said she’d buzz me back later.


It’s like an intelligent version of this!


“Someone has sex in North Dakota”

Given sex usually isn’t a solitary activity, surely it ought to be blinking at half the frequencey for “a couple has sex…”

Either that, or there are a lot of people who like getting jiggy on State Boundaries.


Somehow I’m guessing they don’t keep specific track of ass bites.

In other news: A magnitude 4 earthquake (apparently) happens every 40 mins? It also seems as if the program Randall used to export these has a maximum frame duration of 655s and - surprisingly - Photoshop CC only allows a maximum of 240s.


Every time a Wikipedia edit is made, someone dies. Curse you, Jimmy Wales!


hmm, last i checked sex requires N persons, where N is an integer


So… you think for sure it’s a woman? Because I’m a guy and I own a couple…


I absolutely did not need to know that.


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