Cyber-crooks mail heroin to Brian Krebs


Crowdfund a gram? OK I’ll read the rest

That image might trigger a relapse… jus’ sayin’

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Seriously. That hobby knife has me itching to stay up late, call off from work tomorrow, and get my craft on.


Wow. Obviously Krebs must be kicking goals…

Perhaps the Feds should offer him some sort of honorary status and sling him a wage?


I’d like to crowd fund cloning Brian Krebs. Too many dirt bags in the world and not enough Krebs-like people.

  1. Flycrapper sounds like the noobiest troll around, but I don’t agree with Brian publishing the details for the SR seller name and location… seriously not cool man: don’t bring heat to those guys when they were just being used by Flycrapper.

  2. It’s very common for SR sellers to offer a 25% free type deal, which is why I’m guessing they sent 13. Just 2 extra does not 25% make.

  3. Gloves and a mask? Breaking Bad? Brian, people inject the shit into their veins. Protective wear is overkill. Even if you do take your lessons from Breaking Bad, they wear protective gear to avoid toxic gasses and contaminating the cook: not to protect themselves from getting high.

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You’re way missing the point. And you might need to rewatch your Breaking Bad.

Krebs is considering the possibility the substance(s) enclosed aren’t the drugs as advertised, but something more contact harmful.


i will personally bust every single one of you criminal types and don’t even try to frame me by mailing weed to my address!!! PO Box 4337, Somewhereville HI 90210


Wasting heroin makes baby Jesus cry.


…so, what’s the point I’m missing? I’m pretty sure twice through the 5 seasons, in order, is enough watching. Enough at least for me to know that numerous characters touch meth with their bare hands during various eps. Here’s badger inspecting Jesse’s blue:

That’s also a nice assertion you’ve got there about the reasons behind Krebs’ choices. He sure as hell didn’t mention anything of the sort in the article, nor would that make much sense since the individual packages are identical to the ones on the SR ad and typically SR sellers won’t have glowing reviews if they’re sending out bunk drugs or poisons.

I had the same threat from a cyber crook that found an older address of mine through my CV, after exposing him online!
I went straight to the police. Since I had already moved, I never knew if he actually came through with it.

Sigh. What else does Walter make on the show that isn’t meth that requires gloves and a mask to handle?

First… seriously? People are basing how they would handle potentially hazardous material based on a TV show? Darwin award winners in the making!

Second, you’re criticizing a guy (who has had the Russian mafia trick a SWAT team into surrounding his house in the hopes of getting him injured or killed) for taking precautions with an unknown substance that some other Russian mafia dude had sent to him? What if the Russian dude knew all along that he had infiltrated his bulletin board? Maybe instead of heroin, he’d arrange for some nice ricin to be shipped instead?


“nice ricin”…lol

Seems really dangerous of him to open the package, knowing what’s in it. Even with that police report saying, “hey this isn’t mine”, he could still be charged. The police don’t know anything about him and are delighted to make arrests. Prosecutors are delighted to press charges because they know most of their targets will have to plea bargain.

He should have not touched the package at all, and called the police to pick it up and take it away. Don’t even touch stuff like that, let the police handle it entirely.


Honestly, even it is was actually just good quality / relatively safe drugs, I can still see why he wouldn’t want to have a bunch of drug residue on his skin & clothes if people are in the habit of calling the cops on him. People lose probation over poppy seed bagels - it’s best not to test which way capricious justice will treat you.

Sigh. I covered that already.

An application of Occam’s Razor would help you out a bit. This Flycrapper asshole chose an anonymous marketplace with anonymous payments to crowdfund drugs to be sent to Krebs for the express reason of being able to deny involvement as, even with a damning evidence trail such as screencaps of the forum in which he organised it, it would be next to impossible to prove he made the transaction.

Then you escalate the potential level of the attack to a level far higher than an anonymous attempt to land Krebs in trouble. Flycrapper took all steps possible to distance himself from the act (eg, trying to get others to phone in the tip) but not enough to keep it a secret from forums. Generally speaking if you’re intending on sending lethal poisons to a person you don’t write about it anywhere. I just don’t buy that a guy who is trying to frame someone for drug possession would be happy to escalate it to murder/attempted murder and write about it in an online forum.

If Krebs wanted absolute certainty then he could have always bought a reagent test kit, which are available from most head shops and of course online.

I do not fault Brian for not wanting to let this stuff get on to his person, though the Breaking Bad comment comes off as more an attempt at levity than actual using the show as a model of safety. I too know so little about these sort of “recreational pharmaceuticals” that I too would be mildly paranoid, yet also so curious that I would want to open one.

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