Cyborg Pirate Ghost!

Hi all, I just made a template for an articulated wall decoration for Halloween, feel free to print or share as you like. I didn’t have time to add color so you may have to break out the markers or crayons and set your little monsters to work coloring it in and putting it together.

[Edit 1: I just updated the post with more printer-friendly files and clearer instructions.]

[Edit 2: I just updated the post to add a full color version just in case you want to get a head start on Halloween decorations for next year. Or maybe that’s how you roll for Thanksgiving! I’m not one to judge.]




Next time how about a Zombified Pirate cyborg ghost. With wizard powers!


I almost made a *were-*pirate cyborg ghost, but I kind of feel like that’s already been done to death.

This is excellent, great work!! My 9-year-old son, who is in fact dressed as a zombie-pirate today, will flip!

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