Make: a scary, jerking "groundbreaker" zombie for your lawn

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The red tie reminds me of someone. :thinking:


This is a pretty advanced project for most of us out here. Still, I wish I had a lawn to do something like this. My 6-year-old son would love it.


if i had the motivation to do some cool Halloween stuff this would be great. But like years past we will probably just put a bowl of candy out for the first group of kids to take and then walk around the neighborhood to socialize while my kids get candy, most of which my daughter can’t even eat. fun.

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So much easier to just hire a neighborhood kid, bury him halfway and put some ghoul paint on him. Give him a percentage of the candy that falls out of the pockets of frightened children.

What, I shouldn’t have done that?


Missing one important thing:

Motion sensor to set it off as soon as the kids are within ten feet.


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I think the head should rotate slowly towards the zone where motion is detected, teeth should chatter, and then the climbing out motion should start slowly until it seems to realize that it’s stuck, then become more frantic, maybe with increments so it seems like it’s pulling free, or even let it come out and start crawling across the yard, nobody will notice the airhose trailing behind, especially if it’s a half-corpse with spine trailing behind.


What’s with the strobe light though? I don’t think it adds anything (except headaches and possibly seizures).

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This needs to be reskinned as Trump in a jail cell, with the words impeachment on the front

And then done on xmas.


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