Jackass neighbor unplugs bouncy house at child's birthday party, trapping toddlers inside


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I hope this guy gets community service.


What an asshole.


I get that not everyone is a “kid” person, but seriously if you can’t muster the strength to tolerate the sound of happy toddlers for a couple of hours then you probably shouldn’t be living near other human beings in the first place.


I’m sorry, this is just unacceptable as our daily dose of internet pillorying. Barely registers on the outrage-o-meter.



but said he was uncooperative

In other words, he declined to roll over on his back and put his legs in the air, and instead heeded the advice of every attorney everywhere.


Don’t worry. Il Douche will tweet again soon.


Florida Man strikes again!


An entitled old white man living in Florida? Surely you jest.


…at Chuck-E-Cheese’s.



I think BB could save time by just writing a script that inserts this gif into every article tagged with #florida.


Could you be sure, officers, because my vote for or against this guy kinda depends on it…


Guy’s an asshole, to be sure. But the big take away for me is that if a bouncy house loses power it becomes a toddler death trap!!!

Wish I still had toddlers so I could be properly alarmed and outraged!


There is only one cord though.


This is absolutely not hilarious. Wipe that smirk off your face.



They could probably invest some kind of fail-safe mechanism, but why bother developing it when the Bounce House lobby would crush it in the name of removing job-killing regulations?


Or you could put on headphones and listen to whatever sound you want.

I could see the guy being annoyed if he was working from home and the sound of the kids disrupted a videoconferencing meeting in which he was a participant, but that doesn’t excuse this. Maybe ask for a minute or two to go talk to the parents and ask them to keep the noise down (by serving the birthday cake, maybe? Harder for kids to scream with excitement or happiness with a mouth full of frosting.) for a couple minutes while you finish your meeting.