Ghostly Avatar Workshop - We Make Ghosts Here


Want a shiny, unique ghostly white avatar? You request 'em, I make 'em.

Example, based on @renke

This is a thread for image-making only. Post requests and finished images here.


Yes, please.

I don’t know how good my normal one might turn out…Let me know if I need to choose another.


Sorry for the tardy response! I aim to please. Are any of these three close to what you imagined your avatar as in ghostly-style? This is but a first draft, please select a best candidate and provide feedback on how you want your ideal one to look.


I wasn’t sure on my phone, but now I definitely like the lightest one on the right.

Do you have an easy way to embiggen it?



I can use the Scale4x algorithim once I get out of business meetings - should have one up in about four hours. Sorry for the wait.


Don’t be! And thanks.


Do you have a copy of the source image your avatar is adopted from? It may be easier to work from that!


The URL of the avatar in SlyBevel’s posts is

and the image is

Futzing with the image URL, I discover that the server gives us whatever size we ask for.

For instance, the URL


We should be able to perform this same transformation on any avatar image URL.


Thank you!

more to follow


edit 2:

still a bit of noise to clean up, I’m afraid

edit 3:
slightly less noise

edit 4:


The one I picked almost blends in with the top bar where my own avatar appears.

I like it, thanks @tinoesroho and @smulder!


Am I colorblind or something?

SenorSchaffer<-------sees nothing


I bet you get the new one if you hit my profile page.


If you see nothing, that is the point of going total ghost. Sly’s current av is a partially-transparent, desaturated version of their original avatar. :wink:


Have I been impolitic in not going full ghost? I do support raging against machines and such. And sometimes people.


Not sure if you are joking, but you can see the transparent-and-white avatars if you set your browser background color to something other than white.


Don’t let me tell you you’re doing ghost wrong - partially transparent is still a protest. Whether an image is visible or not, our point is, and I thank you for joining us in support. Confomity and uniformity bad, self-expression good.

I’m just a little OCD and obsessive about getting things ferpect. Imma go put the save file on read only media or I won’t be getting any sleep tonight.


On a phone, so I could mimic with a white background, so could you do something with this?


Any chance at a ghost-hamster? It’s based on the google cr48 box hamster.


Would either of these do the trick?


I like that first one, it preserves the negative aspect of the original