Cybotron: live epic spacerock (1977)



not to be confused with Juan Atkins of Detroit

hell yes!

Dunno, rather liked Syrinx (the Canadian band) better. They do a kind of trance thing here on their first album: Chant for Your Dragon King

From the second album, not very trance-like at all: Ibistix

Only available in second-hand vinyl, unfortunately. It would be very nice if True North ever decided to get off their duffs and re-release these, especially Long Lost Relatives.

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Thank you @pesco! This is a blast from my teenage years - I’d longed to see Cybotron live (but was just too young) but had a copy of their “live at Christmas Hills” 7 inch which I loaned to my high school physics teacher (in 1984) and never got back. My love of electronica was forged somewhere between this, “Autobahn” and Tangerine Dream, but these guys were SPACE ROCKERS FROM MY OWN BACKYARD!

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