Fantastic psychedelic video for Kraftwerk's Autobahn (1979)


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Oh wow, memories…
I suspected then hit the link and yep.
Saw this as young teen at an animation festival so long long ago. In the early 80’s for sure.


That brings back some awesome days at College, thanks BB!


I think I saw this years ago on Night Flight on the USA Network.


Although I’ve heard about this song many times, I was surprised to find I’ve never actually heard it. It’s awful.


Your opinion has been noted.

(Crosses Boundegar off of list of random people I may or may not perform in a band with.)


you are dead to me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is the only thing I know about Kraftwerk, and its back from my college days:


I can sing. Just sayin.


But without Autobahn we wouldn’t have Computer World, and where would the BBC have got the music for their early 80s computer programmes from then?


Maybe you’d like the New and Improved version?



HD Video:


Same woman they’d been getting them from:

(EDIT for better documentary)


Got the album in 1975. Left it in the back seat of my car. Major warp. Never did that again.


This animation is for the single version. You need to hear the full 22 minute-long version from the LP!


What an unusual use of the word “need.”


But can you dance?


Na, if I dance, people dial 911.


I don’t disagree. I love Kraftwerk and it’s an important song for sure. I just don’t think it’s one of their better ones.

Without Trans Europe Express we wouldn’t have Planet Rock. That’s a far better gift to humanity in my opinion.