Cosmic Machine: deeply groovy 1970s French electronic music




John Coulthart at Feuilleton mentioned the compilation last week, and linked to an interview with its compiler which breaks it down track by track.


Ah, fantastic! Thanks!!!


In a broadly similar vein it’s also worth checking out the brilliant Computer Incarnations for World Peace which focuses on the intersection of electronics and disco in the very early 80s (and which also has a second installation of recent tunes inspired by it) and while I’m about it the Arpadys album is a stunning example of French cosmic disco.


And who drew that? Druillet?


Amazing track list, thanks for bring this release to my attention Pesco.


Oh, I like. This is gonna pull me away from my steampunk and symphonic metal tunes for a while.


I was wondering about that as well. It definitely looks like something out of Métal Hurlant.


So cool, dunno what’s on there, but I’m quite fond of some of the weird “italo” gems (and a lot of trash) that came out in the late 70s/ early 80s. Ex:


I’m gonna buy this for sure, but why can’t I purchase it as a high-quality download? Even boomkat, which has never let me down before, has it only on CD or LP. Sheesh, so much for the “future”.

I “own” too many physical artifacts as it is. Bleah.


From the Yragael strip, I believe (serialised in Heavy Metal during 1982).


I updated the post with credit to Druillet for the amazing art.


Looking forward to picking this up. Was always a big fan of the track “Disco Energy” by Universal Energy which I used to have on some mutant disco compilation or other back in the day. Killer tune:


Pretty sure these tracks are from the 19A0s, not 70s.


there’s four track of it on Soundcloud to listen too or share…or…well…I’ll just type: clouddownloader and let you figure it out from there mmmkay? (great program).


Kind of cool (if shocking) to see massively expensive import vinyl again. BUT - the playlist is on Spotify if you want to give it a listen without the crazy upcharge, or the wait to have it shipped from the UK.


That has never gone away, especially when dealing with indies. At this point my collection is mostly digital by album count, but there really is nothing like having the artifact in your hands, the art, the packaging itself, the liner notes… even the act of putting needle to record is somehow more viscerally satisfying than than hitting the arrow pointing right. Worth a premium for some releases IMO.


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