Electra's disco classic "Feels Good (Carrots & Beets)" (1982)

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Horrible. It’s like someone took a class in disco song writing, and decided not to use any actual instrumentation other than synths. Although the vocals aren’t terrible, they made me think they belonged more in a European New Wave band.

Nearly all the best disco features a funky rhythm section.

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Listened to all 6+ minutes and ask: Why didn’t this stay lost?

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I agree with both of the above, but you you watch the video the record label is turning off-center, so maybe they’re just playing it on a wonky turntable.

a dancefloor classic!
for those that had a listen and didn’t like…it’s dance music. the only way to judge dance music is to get on a dancefloor with a sound system the size of a small european country and see if your body moves. listening on your shitty computer speakers while sitting in a chair doesn’t count for shit.


Bill gets it, what’s not to luv??? The rest of you lames go back to over analyzing everything and stay outta these good posts my gawd :smile_cat:


Same year “Dare” was released, interesting to hear the similarities. Love the fat early 80’s production, that’s a real sweet spot for me.

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Funk yeah! Disco Lover is pure youtube gold. I like how the dubs spin.

I still remember my father’s disappointment when I expressed how much I liked Disco after watching this commercial as a child.

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Kinda reminds me of some of the old italo disco, just less funky!

That’s exactly what it is, italo disco… done poorly.

Let’s get linking some good italo disco tunes, then!

Here’s one of my faves:

Relative term but this isn’t bad

This is not italo by any means but solid stuff from the early 80’s

But 1983

First one wasn’t bad at all! Lemme counter with this:

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