Cycleworld celebrates the iconic BMW R90s

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I made an airfix model of this bike as a kid. I wish I still had it. That, and my Saturn 5. (Sorry, I mean Up-goer 5)


hip ride.

I’m 5’6" and ride a r100/7. You can adjust the height of the rear shocks and easily have both feet on the ground.

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Here’s a possibly relevant clip from “The Wizard of Speed & Time”…

It’s certainly a bike worth celebrating! From the article:

But it isn’t just comfort that invites long-distance travel. The R90S, like most BMW boxer twins, has a well-earned reputation for reliability along with a smooth and reassuring engine cadence that whispers into your helmet, “I can do this forever.” And then it does.

I’m biased in this regard as all of my coast-to-coast rides have been on Beemers, with the only issue occurring because I parked the bike poorly and it fell over. And as a friend might put his love for the beemers (he’s on a '72 /5), while he’s riding a 40+ year old machine, his riding still has yet to exceed the m/c’s performance envelope.

Beyond that, they’re easy to work on, the “you’re riding a tractor” jokes never get old, and they just look cooler than anything out there!

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From the article:

the Celtic side of my Irish/German heritage won out, and I bought the Norton instead.


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S100 motorcycle cleaner was found to dissolve that fancy paint jerb on the R90s.

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