Free 'The Airhead' e-zine issue dedicated to the iconic BMW R90S

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Ahh…the original BMW presence in America. The cars had not really appeared on US roads, but the BMW Motorcycles were in a class of their own.

Most of my cycle-riding college friends had Hondas, Suzukis, and Harleys. But a few of them had the BMW bikes. They were uncannily quiet. I wanted one.

Not surprising to see there’s a vital following here into the 21st Century.

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To state that the BMW R90 is the most beautiful motorcycle suggests that that you really haven’t taken a good look at the Triumph Bonnevilles of the 60’s and 70’s. And yeah there’s all that business about beauty being in the eye of the beholder but Triumphs…those things just look like the boiled down essence of motorcycle!

I still own a Triumph, but the R90S is far prettier than the Bonnies.

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I’m with you on the R90S, although I’d lean to the R75 as that was my ride for a long time, all the way back to the point where I was in an actual “Airheads” club in the mid-90s. I still love my RT, and I logged a helluva lot more miles on the R1100 than I did on the /6…if I’d been ~1 foot shorter, I’d probably have glommed on to the Ducati, because those bikes are the embodiment of lust and power.

Bonus points for riding a beemer happen with every third person who asks about the bike: “Well, I didn’t know BMW made motorcycles!”

Humph!.. eye of the beholder …I always thought the engine on a Beemer looked like a piece of Samsonite luggage with a cylinder sticking out of each side. Maybe that says something about my opinion of luggage

I always felt that the R90S, my favorite bike ever, was particularly garish and proud. But she can back it up.

Not a rider, but I do appreciate that bike. It is beautiful.

So cool!
Thanks man.

Free sample was taken down, the placeholder reads (emphasis mine):

"The Airhead ezine ( is created on the concept of goodwill and sharing amongst fellow Airhead owners. There are no hidden agendas; no-one tries to take advantage of others’ hard work and we all work towards building a great airhead community. The ezine is just one year old and has gone from strength to strength based on this concept, with subscribers from over twenty countries.

My offer of a free sample was made in the spirit of the ezine. Unfortunately, there are always some idiots who constantly try to abuse the system and others suffer as a result. That is the case now. Due to mis-use of this free sample and an attempt to undermine the ethos on which it is based I have decided to withdraw the R90S sample.

Apologies to those of you who consider yourself the good guys. You’re the people we want to encourage and would ask you to consider subscribing to The Airhead. To the rest of you: we don’t want you – go crawl back into your holes and let true Airhead enthusiasts pursue their hobby unsullied by you."

wow what happened


Can’t imagine, maybe we aren’t Airhead enthusiasts enough to meet the criteria above. Used to be folks who wanted more subscribers would have said thanks for driving interest.

Maybe @othermichel is involved.

or someone was not happy with the R 90 S as most beautiful bike and flooded them with Ducati images

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