VIDEO: Naissance d'une moto : la BMW (1976)




“There is no motorcycle more beautiful than the Airhead” [citation needed]


Shoot, if all you want is an R90S, just build one from new old stock parts right out of the catalog.


I have always found the pretty ugly myself, but its an endearing ugly. The /3 and earlier were beautiful, but the /5 and later… It look like a cross between a motorcycle and a tractor.


Oh man would that be an expensive way to do it, though.

The video is really lovely, although there was a moment toward the end of the assembly of the engine where I spontaneously blurted “aah, that fucking airbox!” What a pain that was to work on.


Nice video but
There is no motorcycle more beautiful than the Airhead
really? Talk about argument bait.
Norton Manx
BSA Goldstar Clubman
Triumph Bonneville
Norton Commando
BMW R60/2
IMO all more beautiful


I agree, but as the owner of a 1972 75/5 Toaster … I might be a bit biased.


In my opinion, there’s nothing in this world
beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl.
Now Nortons and Indians and Greeveses won’t do,
they just don’t have a soul like a Vincent 52.


I was not expecting Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Do you know if there is a listing of the other songs?


No, but isn’t it oddly perfect?


Yes, the other grooves are funky and chill, which is why I want to learn more about them.


If you like this sort of period doco, have a look for ‘Made by Hand’, which shows the construction of Porsche 356s in the early 1960s.


There is no automobile more beautiful than a 356 Speedster, pre-A preferably.


Get away, it’s just a Guzzi with saggy tits.


1955 Jawa Z15 Racing DOHC 500cc


YESSS! That fucking airbox, and that fucking alternator core. The disgust I hold for that alternator rotor and the god damn exhaust flange bolts that christ himself couldn’t budge once, but the next time they snap off with a decidedly horrible TINK and then scotch and the darkness.

And yet, I’m kicking a can so I can stand in the window to watch those beautiful horizontally-opposed twins sliding into freshly powdercoated chassis. Any marque will have its crowd, I suppose.


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