Cyclist videos self plunging down a dam wall


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Nope, nope, noooo. Couldn’t even hit play.


Oh my GOD! I didn’t think THAT would happen! I mean, we don’t see the eagle at first because blood covers the camera lens, but still!


Again! Again!


Maybe someday they’ll find his head.



I kinda wish that he would have looked back up the damn once he was in the water, to give a sense of perspective of what he just did.


Yep, that required a lot of skill…

/ no, not really.


There is a enough of a look back that the spillway does not look as steep from below. I think there is some distortion from the camera lens that makes it look steeper than it really is.


a lot of being young enough that the hurt doesn’t stick around for days/weeks. i look at that and don’t think of nope as much as as i think “how long will this take to quit hurting?”


Yep. At one time in my life, I would have tried something like that. Now it’s more of a ‘How long till I recover?’ thing.


“This isn’t flying, this is falling with style!”


I have stood at the top of a dam much like this one (but about 200’ higher) and had to say no to my 10 year old, who was envisioning exactly this activity as a life goal.

This video will not help my case.


I hope he was wearing a life preserver.


I have a gopro I have used while snowboarding, and can say that it depends on where the camera was mounted. It probably overall looks less scary than it is in person, though.

That said, it doesn’t look that bad. I would totally do it on a snowboard, and I am not really even that good.


Yeah, not trying that anytime soon. At least it wasn’t the deadlier “oops, fell down a bridge” kind of plunging the headline suggested to me.


But that sort of thing always feels much steeper than it is when you’re stood at the top.


My younger brother did this once in a dirt ditch only 30 feet deep up in Kansas. Basically busted his nuts, and peed blood later on.

P.S. Still sired two young 'uns, so I think there was no permanent damage.


The “face” of a dam is steep, structural, and would be scary as heck. What he rode down was the spillway, a water conveyance structure designed for liquids to flow down with the minimum in interruptions in flow during times when the water input into the reservoir exceeds is capacity to divert water through turbines or whatnot. Basically made for this kind of activity. I’m not nearly as impressed as the title lead me to believe I would be.


where this == bikes ?!?!?!