Cydia, the app store for jailbroken iOS devices, will no longer sell apps


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Cydia has always been more important as a package manager than as a store.


I am dubious. Jailbreaking has really declined, on the one hand, because IOS no longer has many glaring holes in its functionality… and on the other hand because hackers would rather sell the vulnerabilities they find to spying companies for a million dollars rather than do the work of packaging them up in a user friendly jailbreak and giving them away for free.

So the talent pool for finding vulnerabilities and using them to make jailbreaks has gotten a lot shallower, which has dramatically slowed down the time it takes for a given version of IOS to have a jailbreak published. Jailbreaking now means staying on an old version of IOS for months on end waiting for a usable jailbreak to be released. And then once it’s released, waiting even longer (often in vain) for the jailbreak apps and tweaks you use to be made compatible with the new version.

I gave up on jailbreaking when I realized that the number of tweaks I really wanted to install had dwindled to one or two, and one of those was never going to be updated to fix a growing number of compatibility glitches it had with each new version of IOS.


100% same experience here. have not jailbroken in many years. i had bought one or two things from the cydia store that i felt were really critical, but now i can’t even remember what they were!

anyway those initial jailbreaks were a lot of fun! being able to install a 3rd party app before the app store was pretty incredible.

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About time. I doubt any of them work anyway.


I feel like the iOS jailbreaking scene stopped being relevant (outside of showing off tech skills, which admittedly is pretty cool) when Android launched. If you want full control of your device, get one of the Android models that supports rooting out of the box.

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Does “jailbreaking” mean something different for ios than for Android?

Id always understood jailbreaking to mean unlocking just the telephone part of the machine so you could use other phone companies besides the one you bought it from.

The context in this post sounds more like rootkitting to me, where you can use whatever operating system you want on the machine, regardless of what the phone came with.

Or am I just confused? I haven’t performed either hack on any of my gadgets, so I’m likely wrong about something…


“Jailbreaking” is to IOS what “rooting” is to Android. Different OS’s, different terminologies for the same thing.

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