Watch: Samsung's latest commercial pokes fun at Apple iPhones

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Didja catch the “notch” receding hairline on the guy waiting in line for his iPhone X? That’s some serious shade.


Meh. Samsung jumped the shark, when they made it impossible to unlock the S7’s bootloader.

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Apple jumped the shark when they dropped headphone jacks. One more dongle to carry.


I get the point and its funny to point out all of Apple’s flaws…HOWEVER…my iPhone despite its non-perfectness also won’t EXPLODE IN MY POCKET AND KILL ME!

So, ya know…glass houses and all?

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Are you sure?

Anything with a battery has the potential to explode.



Important hint: I’m not particularly a fan of either megacorporation. There are plenty of sharks to go around.

Me neither. I own a Galaxy S8+ but i have no real loyalty to it, i happen to like it but if another android phone came out that appealed to me when looking for a new phone i would switch.



Similarly, I like my S7 OK, but the fact I’ll have to use Odin instead of a custom bootloader is noxious.

I have shied away from unlocking and jailbreaking my phones mainly because i don’t like how fiddly that can be ]:

Oh, certainly. But if your phone starts to offend you (Samsung’s purposeful slowing-down of older phones, for example), why not? It’s cheaper than a new one, and the hardware is just fine. I absolutely, however, agree it can be an almost surreal pain in the ass, let me reiterate.

It’s also great for older phones that have no more Android/system updates forthcoming; you can quite often get the latest, greatest version of Android on some pretty ancient kit. Additionally, many (but not all!) alternative ROMs have significantly better-than-standard features, and/or much smaller system footprint. My last CyanogenMod version on my old S3 was roughly 1/3 the size of the “official” ROM!

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Qualcomm hardware (synonymous with Android, there is no real choice) is quite slow relative to Apple’s hardware. More than 2x slower, sometimes 5x slower depending on task.

Oddly enough if you care about performance, Apple is the only game in town because Qualcomm is so incredibly far behind.

a) Apple’s “faster” hardware is worthless to me, since it doesn’t let me run console emulators, unlike Android (even RETAIL versions of Android don’t care). Your use case is yours.

b) Qualcomm is nowhere near the only source of Android SoCs, for heavens’ sake. In fact, Samsung’s own Exynos line is quite good.

c) How do figure buying an iPhone would be cheaper than ROOTING an older Android phone you already own…?

Oddly enough, fanbois and gurls will fanboi/gurl.

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I’m the guy who has been using Samsung phones since the days of flip phones (with a brief Moto F3 interlude when I was in less comfortable circumstances). I really have experienced some of the phenomena in this commercial over the years. I remember one iphone user being very impressed my Galaxy had a little light that flashed when you have a voicemail or unread text. But that’s something my very first Samsung flip phone had in like 2001-2002 or whenever. It’s Apple-provincialism.

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Does anybody know the song they are using in the ad? Sounds nice.

BTW, still using a Nokia Asha. Silly thing just won’t break.

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Your best bet is a used iPhone 7 at this point, unless you must root. The Qualcomm (and Exynos, Samsung doesn’t do any better) performance is really quite abysmal.



The iPhone 8 also opened more demanding apps faster than its predecessor and the top Android phone right now, although those differences were less dramatic. It took the iPhone 8 11 seconds to fully load the Injustice 2 game, compared to 14.53 seconds for the iPhone 7 Plus and 19 seconds for the Note 8.

The “Apple premium” is, oddly enough, more than worth it these days for iOS because the performance is 2x - 5x what you can get on any Android device, at any price.

Excuse me? Try rereading my post: iOS will not allow me to do what I want to do — run console emulators on my phone — and it is, therefore, utterly worthless to me. Furthermore, you simply cannot define what is “worth it” to others.

And that’s only the start of why iOS is crap. Here, let me sideload this program I wrote into my phone, while you do the sa-… Oh, wait, never mind, you haven’t “jailbroken” that phone, have you? Not gonna happen.

I’ll note that I have not yet made ANY claims as to which processor is faster, or anything similar. What use to me is power that I cannot use, due to silly, artificial barriers?

By the by, the .pdf test shown above is bullshit. I open .pdfs pretty much instantly on my S7. Of course, I don’t use the crap reader installed…


There’s numerous ways to run emulators on iOS without jailbreaking or even using a computer.