Cylance brings AI and machine learning to anti-virus protection

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I read the copy and I watched the video. What utter, unmitigated horseshit. “Their new world order…” – WTF!? Shame on Boing Boing for endorsing and spruiking this nonsense.

why is it that when “next gen” AV companies advertise their capabilities it sounds just like the current state of the art used by incumbent AV companies?

are they expecting us to believe incumbent AV companies just sat on their hands and did nothing but issue signature updates for the past few decades? are they counting on us being uninformed? wait, don’t answer that question, of course they are

RIP that laptop’s fan.

Been evaluating AVs for the last few months, didn’t see one without AI and ML components. Saw different ways of classifcation, whitelist led models, and loads of claims of being next gen. Didn’t end up getting any of them.

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