D20 serving-bowl set


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“saving throw up” ?


They’re ceramic. I was going to ask if they’ve been tested for fair rolls, but with them being ceramic I’d worry more about it simply surviving the first encounter with someone trying to roll it.

There are ceramics that are fairly resilient. Yttria-toughened zirconia is a first-come-first-serve example.

Thought… with a diamond grinder, such dice could be made from ceramic bearing balls. Tough dice for tough monsters?

A pun on rolling a “saving throw” which, if memory of my adolescence serves, is when some dire thing happens and you roll to see if your character survives (i.e “you’ve been hit in the chest by an arrow - roll 15 or higher on a d20 to see if it hits your heart!”)

That chip to dip ratio, I mean what is that? A party for crazy people?

Seems to be just a cache. The bulk of the chips is likely swapped out in nonvolatile storage.


Chip Bowl of Holding, obviously.


Do want!


It’s what usually springs to mind in any situation.

What can I use to fix my shelf? Yttria-toughened zirconia

What to make for dinner tonight? Yttria-toughened zirconia

What crystal structure of doped zirconium dioxide is stable at room temperature? Yttria-toughened zirconia

What did I do with my girlfriend last night? Yttria-toughened zir … Oooooh, you got me!


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