Gamer makes edible polyhedral dice, scores a crit hit


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Jesus saves…

…Everyone else takes full damage.


Is there a saving throw vs. diabetes?


What could go wrong?!



Someone order those dice for Wil Wheaton and his wife. Please. I don’t have his address.

So sweet. Rockin’ and rollin’.


When you said “scores a crit hit”, I immediately assumed someone choked to death.


not in this case.


not balanced and not perfect on all sides

As long as each one is only used for the duration of one cup of tea,the statistical unbalancedness will balance out in the long run :smiley: .

As long as they are not all unbalanced the same way of course .


The post says its sweetened with isomalt, in which case, it’s diabetic safe and tooth friendly.


Wow, she missed out on calling it “dicing sugar”.


I know a woman who creates entire edible boardgames. I should definitely order her some.


Those are more expensive that actual dice!


And your point is…?




And digestive tract hostile.


A local chocolatier has been making chocolate D20 and full chess sets for a while. They bring me great joy.


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