Can we have a random number generator?

@discbot roll 10d2147483647
eta: no integer overflows today…

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@discbot roll 2d7

@davide405 the 2d7 dice reads: 4 (1,3)

As memory serves: In GURPS™ the maximum number of dice rolled is 6, with the recommendation that results that need a larger total be obtained by multiplying the result of the dice roll, rather than by increasing the number of dice.

We need to roll to find out if Jesus saves

@discbot roll d20

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@the_borderer the d20 dice reads: 1

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@discbot roll d666


@MarkDow the d666 dice reads: 586

@discbot - would you like to play a game?

@discbot roll d10

@discbot roll d100000

@miasm the d100000 dice reads: 12195

@discbot roll 100000d100000

@discbot roll 1000d100000

@discbot roll d999999

@miasm the d999999 dice reads: 132891

@discbot roll 2d999999

@miasm the 2d999999 dice reads: 941628 (310934,630694)

@discbot roll 99d999999

@discbot roll 9d999999