D20 silicone baking molds



Did you ever want to play questions?

So, I take it we’ve just stopped calling them “icosahedrons” now? Like, the shape’s official name is now just d20?

Well, I won’t stand for it! These are icosahedral baking molds, not d20 baking molds! Math over role playing games! MATH RULE! ALL HAIL MATH!


It is if you print numbers on them, like with these molds.


All d20s are icosahedrons. Not all icosahedrons are d20s. these molds imprint numbers into the cake, thus they are d20s.


The statistical probability of both of us posting the same response to a 2 hour post in the same minute implies that the math gods are angry at us for criticizing an icosahedron. Maybe we should just let them have the point before they do other crazy mathematical things.


But these doesn’t! Look at the red one, all the sides are flat with no numbers, except the 20, which was clearly put on afterwards. I don’t know what’s up with the other one where the number are carved out, but either that’s a photoshop, or the numbers were carved out afterwards. Or the red one and the beige one were made with two different products, in which case: deceptive marketing.

Until shown proof of numbers in the molds themselves, I’m saying that these are icosahedral molds, and calling them d20 molds is dumb!


All I know is that the feastured “cool tools” keep getting more and more esoteric.


it’s really a regular icosahedron, which is the only way to get symmetry on the sides coming up. since this is a defining condition of being a die, i think that d20 is concise terminology; at any rate, it’s more precise than just “icosahedron.”

anyway, the red one doesn’t have numbers showing because they frosted over them. the naked white one shows the numbers.


Only because we choose to make them that way. It would be easy to make a trapezohedron with 20 identical faces, but we haven’t bothered yet.

The pentagonal trapezohedron was patented for use as a gaming die in 1906. We call them 10 sided dice, and nobody bats an eye that they are not one of the Platonic Solids.

I therefore submit that your claim that “All d20s are icosahedrons” requires a temporal qualifier.

I hope we all know this (my post) is intended as a parody of nerd rage and is meant in pure fun.


Aristotelian logic on platonic solids. Bravo.


no platonicity. lower symmetric order than a standard d20. lame.


Pointless quibbling. Everyone knows genus 1 confections are superior.


If there is sufficient demand for baking molds, does this mean that someone will one day step up and mass-produce those chocolate molds?


Kick start that shizz.
(That’s how Kickstarter works, right?)


Except for crystal dice, but those are pretty weird. I find them way less satisfying to roll.


It’s more like

Kick start that shizz.
Labor hard.


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