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I love Mom-dot-GIF’s reaction.


Motrin and some whiskey will help his fall from grace.


I’m glad Star Wars Kid found love in life, even if he never found grace.


The kick was actually pretty good (i’ve taken years of karate), the thing that did him in was his ankle/foot. Had he been on the ball of his foot he would’ve been able to pivot on it and had a better chance to stay on balance. Pretty impressed with the kick, i suspect he must practice himself but that’s a guess.

The fall is just as great as the kick :smiley:


I wholeheartedly disagree.

The fall is much greater than the kick.


Man, I need a bigger house-dot-gif. If I tried that kick in my living room, I’d take out something on every side of me, then the camera would go dark.


That’s a pretty tricky kick to execute, and the gentleman does not appear to be in peak fighting form.


Probably 'cause the Sensei was doing something in the kitchen right then. Dad dot GIF* needs to go back and study his “wax on, wax off”.

*a gelatinous, sticky ‘g’ followed by a long, relaxing, pine-scented ‘if’


Alcohol abuse! That beer went straight onto the carpet!


I winced more at the kick than the fall, I tore a groin muscle pretty good doing that in a dojo in my 20’s! Never underestimate the importance of stretching well first.


Big deal. I can do that.


For sure he’s not in fighting form but i thought it was a fairly decent attempt. If he’s someone that’s not savvy with martial arts i’d definitely say trying a kick like that will hurt him even if he hadn’t fallen over himself. Still impressed he tried :slight_smile:


He forgot to say, “Here, hold my beer and watch this,” resulting in him falling right on his beer bottle.
That’s gotta hurt both ways, mentally and physically.


His daughter is already running to make sure he is alright!


I like how at a certain point he just decides to just let it happen, not to fight it any longer; “there’s nothing I can do, I’m going for a tumble. I hope this doesn’t end up on the internet…”


I like how his tight fitting shorts stop his legs from bending any further in the fall, that and his lack of flexibility in the hamstrings make him look like some sort of toy tumbling over like a doll made of firm putty


Never would have ended up on the internet had he not been filming it for the internet.


“Failed to follow instructions…broke my dick”.


“Mommy, is Daddy drunk again?”

“Christ I hope so.”