Watch: Young son of boxing champ sucker-punches opponent in the groin before fight


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Am I upset that this passes for a boingboing post, or that I actually watched it?

Time for some deep reflection…


Aw, are you disappointed already?


White priviledge


I watched it. Maybe like you, I feel dirty and used. But now that clickbait has taken over this site and many others like it (and there are many others like it), you really have two choices: wallow in shame or embrace the glorious new reality that has turned us into a magnificent zombie army of click-bots who reflexively poke at any link that promises to reveal the horrible depths of depravity to which our miserable species has fallen. If our spasms of zombie click-flexes can deliver more ad revenue to the BoingBoing coffers, then we should feel pretty good about that. Without zombies like us, what would happen to the digital economy? I’m serious. Think about that for a minute and tell me it doesn’t make your zombie appetite grow for more click-brains.


The last time I watched a fight where someone took a kick to the groin it had a surprise twist.


Didn’t mind that the kick was ineffective. What I minded was how it somehow filled Theon with magical strength and ability. But that wasn’t the only letdown of this season.


Yeah, it would have made a helluva lot more sense if Harrag had tried the groin kick, then Theon smiled and RETURNED a groin kick that knocked Harrag back so Theon could whack him with a rock.

Or better yet, write in a whole backstory about how the Ironborn settle issues of authority via cock-punching contests and that’s the real reason they fear allowing a woman to take command, since she’d be nigh invincible.


Sorry; but while not debilitating, cunt punts are quite painful.


I don’t doubt it, but imagine how much worse getting the wind knocked out of you would feel if some quirk of evolution had placed your lungs on the outside of your rib cage.


I’ve given birth; I think I can fathom that level of pain.


But seriously, I’m just saying that all groin shots aint cool; literal low blows.

Also, that kid needs a good swat on the butt; dude needs to get his brat in check.


Was the guy flexing and posing the father? He seemed more interested in showing off his muscles than his parenting skills.


I dunno, maybe hitting him was what made lil Johnny Cockpuncher a lil jerk in the first place.

Take away his electronics for a week. All of em. No phone, no tv, no computer (unless schoolwork) and no game systems period. Any cheating and the clock is reset to a week. He can ask mom or dad to put on some nice classical music. I am sure that family would love to listen to the classics (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, ok mb Booker T and the MGs too).

Do I really need to put the /sarcasm tag there?



As a father, I love that song.


I came for a reaction about touching white people’s hair, and yes, leaving disappointed.



I make it a point not to touch other people without their permission, period; let alone their kids.

That said, I doubt it was done in a fetishist “Ooh that’s sooo exotic!” way.


I put the sarcasm sign up. I know it’s wrong to do the hair thing. From the start, I was half expecting some Becky to chime in about it.



It’s almost as if the boy was raised in an environment where senseless violence against an opponent is rewarded somehow. Odd.