Watch these tough little kids duke it out in the ring!


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Man, their technique was terrible. They were wide open! I could take them down in the first round, but I’m not in their weight class.


What this footage really needs is Bob Uecker as a commentator.

Ah, that takes me back to watching Wrestlemania III on my friend’s illegal cable descrambler. Before then I’d only thought of Uecker as the non-British one on Mr. Belvedere, but after Wrestlemania III he would be permanently in my mind as the guy who said, “A knee in the boiler room really takes a lot out of ya!”


“I got a funcussion!”


This is like… every night at my house… usually starts with one kid “accidentally” bumping into another.


Here’s hoping that some day soon, letting kids play American football will seem as stupidly dangerous as this kid-boxing now does to (most) of us. Actually, football seems even more stupidly dangerous, for brains especially.


I was forced to participate in a slugfest like this once in Boy Scouts. One of the leaders took particular delight in matching the smaller kids like me against his son, who was 15 or 20 lbs heaver and 2 years older than the rest of us because he’d been held back a couple of times in school. It might have gone on all night if one of the kids hadn’t gotten in a lucky shot and bloodied the precious snowflake’s nose. He cried like he was on death’s door and daddy rushed him home. Scout meeting adjourned.


Good story.

And, I read between the lines and discovered a lot of probable cause for that poor kid being held back in school.


I saw him in my neighborhood grocers a couple of years ago. Let’s just say that life is still holding him back.


Quite the opposite of the youth boxing club in the first chapter of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.


Wow. That shit sure as hell doesn’t fly in The Woodcraft Folk!

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