Children's football referees brawl as kids watch

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Football really is a contact sport, eh?

The ref’s behavior is unacceptable, but so was at least one of the coach’s. He was screaming nearly the entire video. I think he must have been mic’d up. At one point after a play, you could hear him say, “Get those bums off my field!” talking about the other team. These are children! A lifetime ago when I played T-ball one year, I had a coach kind of like that. He didn’t trash talk, but he took the whole thing way too seriously. We were undefeated and city champs that year. He chewed us out after one game because we didn’t win by as many runs as he thought we should have. We were 5 and 6 years old! I’m 54 and I don’t really remember anything else from that season, but I remember that. This stuff leaves a mark on these kids.


Okay, video not loading for some reason but I really have to know what makes two officials fight each other? My time as a hockey ref… we had the mentality that there were three teams, The refs were one of them and it would take something proper extreme to make me fight another ref.

I really want to know what the guy who got punched said. You hear him saying something angrily to short white guy, the big black guy steps up to separate and the punched guy says something like, “Don’t touch me!” and then you can see his mouth still going but I couldn’t make out a thing. Then, the punch.

I’m wondering if he said something insulting that triggered it. Doesn’t excuse it, but it makes it a lot more understandable if the guy said something racist or insulting.

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