Soccer player fatally stabbed, ref decapitated

During a recent soccer match in Maranhao, Brazil, a referee stabbed and killed a player during a fight after the player refused to leave the field. Continuing this stunning example of good sportsmanship, the spectators proceeded to stone the referee before decapitating him. “One crime will never justify another,” said the local police chief. (BBC… READ THE REST

Little known bit of history. If you think decapitating refs is bad. This is waaaaay worse. Also a couple years back a guard in a stadium mounted turret accidently shot a columbian player with a high caliber machine gun.

South American soccer is not for the feint of heart.


i’m glad i made it out of soccer with only a broken arm, i guess!

Is there any sport with no deaths attributed to it? Curling maybe.

Lovely little detail: the name of the town where this occurred is Pio XII.

Soccer — Game of Thrones Style.


In this championship, you win or die

Andres Escobar in Colombia in the 90’s had an “own goal” and was later executed by a drug cartel. They take their futbol very seriously down there.

A simple murder is one thing, but decapitation and dismemberment are quite another. I just don’t see how a human being could do that to someone – no matter the justification.

To their credit, the onlookers tied the ref up and didn’t kill him until they got a phone call that the player had died from his stab wounds.

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Give a listen to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast. Humans are more than capable of really nasty nasty things and while we currently in modern western civilization have comfortable safe lives we are not that far removed from that kind of behavior.

I’ve heard labyrinthine explanations of the offside rule before but this is ridiculous.

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Sounds like a typical game of Lunar Punishment Soccer.

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I remember seeing that Escobar was shot outside a bar after getting in a drunken argument. Six times with a hand gun. I kinda think if the drug cartel wanted to make a point they would have executed him cartel style… decapitation of some type… probably with his feet cut off too just to rub in the point.

This guy was going to be on the Brazil World Cup team. He’s doing 30 years for killing his gf and feeding her to his dogs.

Life in the favelas is pretty harsh. WHO statistics put Brazillian major populations centers about 3-4 times more likely to die from homocide as say Iraq or Iran.

But not incinerating the ref I hope

Curious choice of countries to compare to. Did you know that you are more likely to die from homicide in the USA than in Iran (4.8 vs 3.0 homicides per 100.000 inhabitants, btw Brazil has 22,7)?

Now where is the next summer Olympics being held?

Wow! And I thought watching Manchester United v Liverpool in the 70s and 80s was dangerous! Sheesh!

obviously, i read the same report you did and even cited it. but i was going for sarcastic effect. also it promotes people going out and reading the stats themselves. i bet you, like i were very interested in the actual stats WHO compiled.

i can’t claim a full trust of those stats as reporting of homocides in some nation states are highly suspect, kind of like reports of domestic survailence.

but, we make do with what we’ve got absent something better.

I guess sports really does build character…just not the sort of character you want to associate with.