Watch this soccer player mockingly delay scoring at an open goal

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No one even makes a move to pursue or pressure him. I think that’s what he was reacting to. It wasn’t like he delayed that long. But yeah, sportsball.


Geoblocked. Some Canadian repackager has got in there first. They are desperate, fighting a hopeless losing battle against cord-cutters. Do they really think I’m going to splurge all those bux for all those useless channels (and buy a TV) just to see the odd SNL sketch or funny animal clip?



Tyreek Hill did a similar thing last night, but his TD got cancelled due to holding. :confused:


Dick move.


Ach. Was just going to post the same. I think he was making up for last week when his backflip landing was only a 4/10.


yes exactly. Goalie screws up and then stands there like a baby instead of trying to get back into it. That’s the main problem with this play, not the delayed score. GTFO with the whining.


I agree. That goalie was useless. He deserves to be mocked. I bet you he won’t just hang back the next time. Unless they succesfully demonize the guy that scored, then he might think his performance was ok and learn nothing.


It’s really hard not to notice that these people getting mad about athletes “not playing the game the right way” or whatever seem to really say it when it’s a non-white player doing it. Same for baseball (the undies that get bunched up when a somebody flips the bat on a dinger, oh man).


Stuttgart left back booted the ball downfield, where it landed just outside the arc. The Breder center back rather nonchalantly deflected the ball toward his keeper, using his chest. Because the deflection was so slow, Stuttgart’s striker was able to sprint in and steal the ball; nobody behind the keeper.

This is all on the Breder keeper. His centerback was only a few feet from him. How in the world he managed not to see Wamangituka streaking toward him is a mystery. The delay Wamangituka gave was a bit unsportsmanlike, but FFS somebody from Bremen should have given chase, even if just for pride.

Oh, and this was in the 90th of a 1-0 match. Breder scored themselves a bit later, so this could’ve been a draw.


Wamangituka was handed a penalty for bad sportsmanship.


In football (soccer to USians), a penalty is a direct free kick from the penalty spot with only the goalkeeper in front of the ball - the guy’s ‘penalty’ was to be shown a yellow card (I assume it was yellow as I cannot see this video here, but saw a version yesterday that left out the bit where he got a card).

A yellow card is a warning for a foul or for unsportsmanlike behaviour and a second yellow card in a game results in a red card which is an immediate sending off for the rest of the game (and in some leagues, a ban for three subsequent games)

I think this was a harsh yellow card.


Bat flips and looking back are very American hangups. On the other hand, Mina Kimes wrote a great story earlier this year about Korean baseball, and their bat flips.


I understand why you say this but you may be putting a US slant on a European event. The football leagues in Europe have very large numbers of ‘non-white’ players (and possibly slightly less ingrained racism than US equivalents but I’m sure someone can justifiably tell me that’s debatable).

I haven’t researched it but I suspect some UK clubs have a large majority of ‘non-white’ players in their squads - and the UK Premier League has every match starting with all 22 players taking the knee. Certainly in UK I think it would be hard for such a generalisation to be validated. And any Premier League referee who was even suspected of any sort of favouritism for white players or prejudice in treatment of BAME players would not last very long at all.

Supporters, on the other hand are in some renowned cases, a different matter. Millwall is a lower-league club that has been infamous for some of its supporters for a long time.


Once the fake injuries stop getting carded I’ll start caring about this. Who am I kidding, no I won’t…

When I think of bad sportmanship and soccer, this clip comes to mind:

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This. To my eyes- I’m not a Soccer fan, so this is with a grain of salt- it seemed like he was mocking their disrespect. They didn’t even try to stop him, they just were like “screw it, we can’t get to him, so why bother. Think I’ll inspect this clump of grass instead. What a lovely field they have here; I must remember to commend the greensman.” It was like he was looking around, trying to figure out why he was back there unguarded and no one seemed to care.

And yeah, from a Hockey and football perspective, he’s about to put them two up, his team has the lead, if he can count out another second or two, that’s a second or two they don’t have for a turn around… and sometimes, that lack of hustle wins or looses the game as the play evolves right before the buzzer.


Non-geoblocked version, cued up:


That is irrelevent, unless the referee thinks that there was an attempt at matchfixing.

And there’s your unsporting behaviour. Time-wasting is forbidden under the Laws of the Game.

It isn’t even worth trying, the ref will simply extend added time by however much time was wasted. Instead of just scoring and getting on with the game, the player also gets a yellow card which can lead to being suspended for a later game.


It is interesting that the version I saw yesterday showed one of the ‘green’ players very forcibly shoving his chest in the goal-scorer’s after the goal and when I read that one of the players had been carded I assumed it would be him, not the goal scorer.

Here you go (and this version does show the yellow card being shown to the goalscorer - I must have clicked away before that part, yesterday).

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I agree on the strict interpretation. But in practice no time was wasted as no opposition player would have retrieved the ball from the goal any faster - they were all standing around blaming each other until they saw the scorer dallying. Arguably they’d have taken longer to retrieve it if he had not motivated one of them to run back.

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