FIFA movie about how awesome FIFA is earns $607 in US theaters

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I wonder how much more it would have made in the US without the current furore… I’m think less… way less…


Tim Roth, Sam Neill and Gerard Depardieu. They must have needed the paycheck…


I don’t think that’s possible. It made $607 in the US in the 10 theatres it was in.

I’m not missing any zeroes. Six hundred and seven. One person in the entirety of Phoenix came out to see it. The first screening in LA had two attendees. One of which was a soccer fan, the other just curious.

Soccer fans aren’t staying away from this because a dramatic retelling of Sepp is a disaster, we’re staying away because it’s a terrible, terrible movie. And we all came out to see Victory.


Escape to…?

Is this a Producers-style scam?

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FIFA film finds fan in Phoenix


Whopping 2.2 stars on IMDB as well. @daneel hit the nail on the head already…c’mon Tim and Sam! Did you even read the script? Maybe Gerard is bulking up to pay his French taxes…

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That’s Tim Curry. You know - Dr Frank-N-Furter?

Tim Roth was the guy who spent 90% of Resevoir Dogs gutshot.


D’oh! Apparently I doubled up on Stoopid Pills today. Deleting… Thx!

Depends on where you are.

I even sat through The Game of Their Lives, but I’ll never watch this Sepp Blatter film. Never. Not on a plane, not in the rain. Not with a gun, to my head.

I wouldn’t put it past them, but they already had enough ways of hiding money. $27 million is literally the bribe money I’ve heard about scattered around just for the 2010 World Cup. I think it was more of a legacy project for Sepp. Like that statue of Ozymandias.


Such a weird idea for a movie. A sports film with all the excitement of board room meetings?

I guess it shows how delusional the people at the top of FIFA really were that they thought people would be excited to hear their story.


How about these?

No, not yet. Pete Postlethwaite!

Yes. And both sequels. The last one blew my mind since it had so little to do with the first two when they were all written at the same time by the same team.

Yes, in the theatre. Twice.

I’m also an OG VHS owner of this:


People who like soccer watch soccer games. youtube is full of them.

YouTube is full of people? Just like soylent green!


Yeah, I almost mentioned that.

Football’s not really my sport though.

How about this?

I can get down with that. But, to be honest, I typically only watch the insane Bollywood films starring Rajinikanth or Ajay Devgan.


But less tasty.

I always wonder who has the rights to Carlisle United’s 1998-9 season. I sure a good writing team can hide the fact it was 45 games and 94 minutes of shit until this happened.


Sez you. The comments are more intelligent on soylent green though.